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   From Peggy (4/5/2016 8:30:48 PM)
Love : 留幾手教你如何分手

This is a cowardly behaviour for not being able to communicate how you feel but try to sit in the back seat and do little so that a woman would break up with you?? Then you are not a man at all!
   From PEGGY (7/8/2013 11:12:37 AM)
Websites : 香港基督徒交友網絡/HK Christian Dating/Hong Kong Christian Dating

很搞笑的平台,雖然我都好想認識一個合心意的好弟兄....可惜我的條件全都不合,但,我會依靠神,只有袘是最可信..... 在此我只想和大家交個弟兄姊妹,真的想傾心事可找我吧, 願天父都愛我們,AMWN