Ridicule Sightings - Abortion

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Ridicule Sightings – Abortion

2nd February, 2017

There are about four million babies born in the United States every year. Meanwhile, about one million unborn babies are aborted yearly. In other words, one in every five unborn babies end up in abortion in this country. Can anyone be not shocked by it? Twenty percent of pregnancies in the United States end in abortion! By any measure, that is a significant portion of the potential babies that would never have a chance to breath the air. Whatever political points of view you hold, that needs to concern you as a human being. Even if I stepped into the shoes of the liberals for once, I’d have to ask myself what’s going on. According to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, “abortion should be safe, legal and rare.” Today, abortion is safe and legal but anything but rare. In fact, one in every five babies are being terminated before they’re even born. That is higher that the unemployment rate during the recessions. I think we can all agree that unemployment isn’t rare in the past ten years. The abortion rate is worse than that.

After Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election, leaders of the Democratic Party came together to examine their failure. They concluded that Hillary Clinton’s problem was that she wasn’t progressive and liberal enough. Are they crazy? Can’t they just admit that Hillary Clinton lost the election because of who she is but not because of her policies? After eight years of Barack Obama’s liberal policies, can’t you just give yourself a pat on the back and indulge in it for a moment? Is it really a rational idea to keep pushing even after you’ve reached and passed your goal? Can you just be happy about what you’ve accomplished, if you call that an accomplishment?

Take abortion as an example, your goal was to make it “safe, legal and rare.” If there’s any unfinished business to be done, it’s to make abortion rare. It’s not to make it more accessible. When one out of five pregnancies end in abortion, you know abortion is accessible to people who need it. Let’s be honest, you know abortion is accessible to people who don’t even need it. What is the reason to make it more accessible? What is the reason to force pregnancy clinics to offer abortion to pregnant women as an option? Thanks to your relentless support of Planned Parenthood, everyone knows where to go to get an abortion. What’s the point of mandating the promotion of abortion at pregnancy centers as if being pregnant isn’t stressful enough already?

Meanwhile, why shouldn’t abortionists educate their clients about abortion before terminating their pregnancy? If you go to a doctor to get an angiogram, the doctor would explain to you how a tube would be inserted into your artery from the thigh and into your heart. The doctor would tell you if any anesthesia is required. The doctor would tell you if there’s any side effect and what would happen in case of failure. The doctor would tell you how many people had died of such a routine procedure. Abortion is a much more involved operation than angiogram. Why shouldn’t the pregnant woman be informed of how the unborn baby would be drugged or torn apart? Why shouldn’t the pregnant woman be informed of the side effects of an abortion? Why shouldn’t the pregnant woman be informed of how many people die from abortion and how many people suffer depression after an abortion? You claim that the unborn baby is a part of your body and you have the right to be rid of it. Then, why shouldn’t you take a look at it before you terminate its life? A simple ultrasound scan doesn’t take up too much of your time. If you have to remove a tumor from your body, wouldn’t you take a look at the X-ray before scheduling the surgery? Why should you have your unborn baby removed before even taking a look at it?

Abortion is happening way too often by any reasonable measure already. There’s nothing more to do in terms of promoting abortion. Your progressive mind may tell you that the next step will be to make abortion free, because, what, it’s a necessity. I respect your progressive mind, but let me tell you that it’s not a progressive idea, because abortion isn’t a necessity. Many so-called progressive ideas are actually regressive. Food, my friend, is a necessity, and last time I checked, a cheeseburger at McDonald’s still costs a buck and fifty-nine cents. At some point, people need to be responsible for their action. I don’t expect to get free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s and I surely won’t support paying for abortion with taxpayers’ money. Just a friendly reminder, even though I don’t agree with it, even though I do think abortion is murder, abortion is nonetheless safe and legal. Why don’t you give it a rest? The same goes for gay unions. It was already legal for the most part before gay marriage was recognized at the federal level. Now that you’ve even redefined marriage, what’s next? Must there always be more flabbergasting agendas to be accomplished? Haven’t you alienated enough people with your inclusive mindset? Now that marijuana is pretty much legal, what’s next in your list? Do you want to legalize cocaine too? Now that gender identity has become ambiguous and bathroom usage has become a sensitive topic, what’s next in your list? You’re upset that an eight-year-old girl was kicked out of boy scouts? You want to encourage a little girl to live as a boy because she likes playing with toy trucks? You want to encourage a little boy to dress as a girl because he likes playing with dolls? And you call yourself elite?