Ridicule Sightings - Evil vs Evil

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Evil vs Evil

18th September, 2016

Having been a Christian for decades, i can't express my disappointment when Christians and pastors are voicing support for a man who has led a life that violates everything that Jesus Christ teaches us. What's really going on inside these churches? It's exasperating when Christians cannot contain their joy whenever this vile man once out of a blue moon says something that a normal human being would say, even though the entire rest of the time, he's been spitting out insults and lies like the soulless con man that he is.

This man is a proud adulterer who says he doesn't need forgiveness. This is a man who defrauds banks, the elderly and the helpless. This is a man who takes credit for what he didn't do. This is a 70 year old man who has been lying his entire life for a living. This is a man who just keeps on lying on TV without shame and his followers are OK with it. This man has elevated the most despicable elements from the darkest corner of his followers' heart and has popularized and legitimized all these hideous atrocities. What sort of human being would follow such a vile man? It's beyond heartbreaking to find Christians among his crowds. It's infuriating that some Christians even call him a savior.

Christians are not popular in America nowadays. We've been called lots of disparaging names. Most of these insults come from people who misunderstand Christianity. What defense do we have when so many Christians openly support Donald Trump?

Although I'm not a good man and I am a sinner, I do understand Christianity and this much I know. Supporting Donald Trump is wrong. Hillary Clinton is no better but that seems pretty clear among Christians. Even though she has done many terrible things, she has failed to fool us. Donald Trump on the other hand has turned wise men into fools in merely a year. Donald Trump has accomplished what Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have tried but failed to do for decades, in just one year. Satan must be proud of him. Donald Trump cannot save anyone. He's here to redefine the last pieces of virtue, decency and human value in us, take them away and replace them with hatred, division, abhorrence and foolishness. You can't enlist an evil to fight another evil. You'll just end up with a house full of evils.

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary