Ridicule Sightings - Pick Your Evil?

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Pick Your Evil?

16th September, 2016

It's a fact that Donald Trump partners with Russians in his real estate business. Some of his Russian partners are convicted villains. You don't even need to see his tax returns to know it. Some details were exposed in a lawsuit against Trump Soho in New York City. In a very unusual move for a man who boasts that he rarely settles lawsuits, he settled a civil lawsuit in order to stop further criminal investigations.

No credible bank would do business with Trump after being burned by the con man. Then Trump turned to Russians for partnership. Now with people in Russia finding so much interests in manipulating the presidential election of the US, it's become harder and harder to ignore Trump's Russian connections.

When Trump ran out of money in the past, his way out had been declaring bankruptcy and making other people suffer the loss. Now that he's dealing with Russians, his old tricks won't work anymore. He could die if his Russian partners suffer losses. Considering that his previous campaign manager was also tied to Russians, it's conceivable that he was picked by the Russians. That would put Americans under much danger if Trump were elected president. Is it why he keeps saying ridiculously outrageous things to get himself out of the race? Far fetched but possible. What better way to piss off Americans than praising Vladimir Putin? You can't fault the man by praising him! Sadly enough, his followers echo every appalling nonsense he spits out.

On the one hand, Donald Trump cannot contain his admiration for Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been wooing the Saudis, selling them weapons, weapons that end up in the hands of ISIS, and not suggesting that they take in any Syrian refugees. Between these two power hungry, fame craving, deplorable, cold-blooded, soulless liars, feel free to pick your master, Russians or Saudis. Or pick neither one -- write in someone decent or sit out this election.

Regarding the new rumor that Donald Trump offered to appoint Peter Thiel, the gay multi-billionaire who spoke at Trump's RNC convention, to the supreme court, it's unlikely that Trump would actually appoint him to the supreme court, just as unlikely as he appointing someone conservative, but it's completely conceivable that Trump made that promise. He's a con man and he is known to make irresponsible promises. He probably offered Chris Christie and Ben Carson the VP spot in order to get their endorsement. However, he would never say or do anything to offend the real multi-billionaire Peter Thiel, who has proven himself even more vindictive than Donald Trump and Barack Obama combined. He doesn't even have the courage to say anything negative about David Duke.

Some people say they've been praying for Donald Trump and Donald has been surrounding himself with very good Christians and pastors, while Donald's highest profile keynote speaker at the RNC was Peter Thiel. Go figure. Some people say there are some aspects of Donald that God can use to save the nation. Really? There are? If that's possible, I'm positive there could be some aspects of Hillary that God can use to save the nation as well. Considering that Hillary is more likely to win the election, have you been praying for Hillary? Donald the savior? That's not just absurd. That's blasphemy!

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary