Ridicule Sightings - Prayers for the Abomination

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Ridicule Sightings – Prayers for the Abomination

27th December, 2016

Americans have elected a wicked con man to be their president, and they continue to come up with sickening excuses to defend Donald Trump for his every single foolish and appalling move. When Donald Trump said, “Drain the swamp,” they chanted, “Drain the swamp.” When his buddy Newt Gingrich said that Donald Trump would drop that swamp mantra, the Trump loyalists swiftly came up with a list of ridiculous excuses for why it’s a smart move. Merely the next day, Donald Trump said he would continue with the swamp gimmick, his followers again scrambled to echo their lord’s order. Donald Trump has turned his followers into flocks of pathetic fools. All the while, he’s been doing exactly the opposite of what he’s chanting. He’s appointed white supremacists along with bankers and wealthy executives, the very people he accuses of his political opponents of befriending, into his cabinet. He’s using his new found power to connect with the super rich of America. These people, very much like Donald Trump himself, used to bribe government officials in order to influence public policies for their advantages. Now they can skip the bribes and cheat Americans full time. Fueled with hate and vengeance, Donald Trump’s followers willingly give up their liberty and livelihood into the hands of these self-serving businessmen for the bragging right of spiting liberals and non-white people.

Somewhere along the line, fake news came onto the scene. Fake news isn’t new. Web sites such as Infowars and tabloid magazines such as National Enquirer, both being Donald Trump’s favorite source of reference, have been feeding fake news for ages, but these fake news stories did not gain traction until Donald Trump and his followers flood all the social media with outrageous fake stories. A particular fake story commonly known as Pizzagate recently came into focus because an enraged man Edgar Welch actually believed in the story and took it upon himself to investigate the crime. Long story short, some people combed through the Clinton emails leaked by Wikileak, and collaborated on the social media to fabricate a story about an underground child sex ring operated by government officials, particularly Hillary Clinton, in a pizza restaurant in Washington DC. The entire story was based on conspiracy theories that the Clinton emails had an unusual amount of reference to pizza. Welch, armed with his rifle, drove from North Carolina to that pizza restaurant to search the place and rescue the abused children whom never existed. Shots were fire but thankfully nobody was hurt.

As Pizzagate was brought into the mainstream and debunked, the Pizzagate defenders were humiliated and infuriated at the same time. They have gone ballistic on all social media. They hop on every post put out by the mainstream media to call them fake. They’re now dominating the social media with their lunacy. They continue to claim that Pizzagate is real and pretend that they have a moral obligation to save the sex slaves. The irony is that they support the sexual predator Donald Trump who brags about going backstage of a beauty pageant full of young girls in different stages of nakedness. Driven by pure hate, they go on to oppose anything of the mainstream. They even call the dictator of Russia Vladimir Putin a hero. Vladimir Putin is known to have journalists killed. He is one of the primary enablers of world instability. He starts conflicts to distract attention from the economic failures of his country. While it’s difficult to tell what’s the right thing to do in wars and battles, being the leader of a poor country, Vladimir Putin’s personal net worth of $80 Billion USD shows clearly his corruption and oppression against his own people. Donald Trump obviously aspires to become the second Putin and his followers adore both of these self-serving wicked men.

With the rise of Donald Trump, hundreds of years of civilization in America is collapsing like dominos. Christians in America are guilty of enabling this wicked man. He couldn’t have done it without the willing participation of Christians. Eight years of Obama administration could not sway the faith of Christians. Eighteen months of Donald Trump has turned millions of Christians into liars and false witnesses. They willingly support a proud adulterer, a liar and a self-serving moron. Their pitiful excuse is that Donald Trump can stop abortion and perversion. For your information, you don’t elect a pervert as president in order to stop perversion. Abortion and gay sex is the product of sexual immorality. Banning abortion and gay union won’t stop sexual immorality. Banning abortion won’t even stop abortion. As long as there’s sexual immorality, they’ll be abortion, and Donald Trump is the definition of sexual immorality. He is the definition of abomination. He is an immoral man through and through. By defending him, you trivialize and legitimatize immorality. When you support a proud adulterer, you embolden adulterers. When you support a liar, you embolden liars. Obama cannot diminish the Christian faith. Even Muslims cannot diminish the Christian faith. Christian faith can only be destroyed when Christians willingly give it up, and Donald Trump has accomplished that which Obama failed to do. Donald Trump has convinced Christians to give up their faith to worship him instead. Donald Trump has destroyed the church from within. When Donald Trump and Mike Pence received a standing ovation at a church in New Jersey, that’s the beginning of the end of churches in the USA.

My Lord, Americans have sinned against you. They have chosen an idol over you. They’ve been blinded by hatred and vengeance. They’ve fallen into the traps set by the devil. My Lord, may you forgive them and free them from the grasps of the devil. Open their eyes so that they can see the truth. Let them repent, lest they fall into the lake of fire.

My Lord, I yearn for your righteousness to rule in the lands of the United States. When will your judgment come to this nation? My Lord, you are just and you are righteous. Are you not angry at the slanderers? Will you let them continue to lie in your name? My Lord, please unleash your wrath. Let Americans receive the consequence of electing a wicked man as president. Demolish the paths of the wicked. Decimate the schemes of the proud. Shatter the wicked and condemn the proud. Annihilate the enemies. Smite Donald Trump and what he holds dear.

When you bring about your judgment on America, have mercy on those of us who are still loyal to you. My Lord, there’re many Christians who haven’t been deceived by the devil. Even though the devil has taken over many churches of the lands, we refuse to follow the paths of the wicked. My Lord, have mercy on us. Separate us from the wicked. Protect us from calamities. Give us strength to overcome the tribulations. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.