Ridicule Sightings - RNC 2016

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Republican National Convention 2016

By Kwokman, 2016-07-23

Something you should know about the highest profile speaker at the RNC, Peter Thiel, the CEO of PayPal. He is more vindictive than Donald Trump and Barack Obama combined and he's dirtier than Hillary Clinton. He is more dangerous than Donald Trump himself or Hillary Clinton, because he's actually smart. Media giant Gawker exposed that he was gay nearly a decade ago. He's been holding the grudge until an opportunity came up and finally put Gawker out of business nearly 10 years later in a low ball dirty episode.

I find it intriguing that some people still think Donald Trump intends to put conservative justices into the supreme court. He might have said something to appease conservatives. As a con man, that's what he does -- say things to con people. When it fails, move on to other easy targets, other groups of angry voters, and that's exactly what he's been doing all along.

His RNC speech pandered largely to LGBT and he repeatedly said he welcomed Sanders supporters with open arms in various occasions, and the highest profile speaker he invited was a rich gay man. Hey, i believe you can live your life whichever way you choose but was it really the right place and right time? He did all that even when he was pretending to unify the conservatives in his party. Clearly he has already moved onto other targets. Still think this con man will keep his promise to put conservative justices into the supreme court? Someone who would say Donald Trump is wrong and Donald Trump couldn't say "Yor're fired"? Please wake up. If he nominated a conservative, it'd be a scripted reality show. Liberal officials would call foul and the excellent deal maker would replace his nominee and call it the deal of the century, and his followers would applaud.

Reports of Donald Trump surrounding himself with prominent Christian leaders came out earlier. One popular Christian pastor and writer even announced that Trump was now a baby Christian. However, you don't see any of his Christian friends speaking at the RNC. None of his beautiful, successful and smart billionaire business partners even came forward to say a word of encouragement. Don't you find that curious? In light of the obvious lack of star power in his party, a few rich guys showing up wouldn't hurt, don't you think? People worship money after all. During his entire campaign, did any of his beautiful, successful and smart business partners ever endorse him at all? Is he even the successful businessman he claims to be?

If you're a liberal, you win, sort of. Both leading candidates for the highest office of the nation are liberal, even though neither of them is as likable or presentable as you'd like. In fact, they're both quite embarrassing even for a liberal. I think there are good and bad things about being liberal or being conservative, but these two liberal candidates are really some of the most abominable examples of liberals. These two liberal candidates are liberals whom even liberals hate.

If you want a liberal who pretended to be conservative and then spit in your face, go ahead and vote for Donald Trump. I, speaking for myself, will not help one evil beat up another evil, because all evils serve the same boss. I won't sell my soul for the sake of beating up the evil I hate more. I won't try to outsmart God, and at this point I'm not even sure which of the two evils i hate more.

If you're a Christian, the options are limited unless there will be some divine intervention we can't see yet. Let's just pray that the tribulation will be fast, quick and short.

#NeverTrump #NeverHillary