Ridicule Sightings - The End of Churches

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The End of Churches

By Kwokman, 2017-06-23

Christians must admit that there's something wrong with our churches. Our churches have cultivated followers, the majority of witch willfully ignore the abomination that Donald Trump is. Four out of five white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump.

Don't kid yourselves and use Hillary Clinton as an excuse. Don't excuse yourselves for the lack of a better option. There were well over a dozen better choices when Donald Trump took over the entire Bible belt, save Tennessee. Donald Trump won not because of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump won because Christians picked a proud adulterer, a constant liar, an unrepentant bully, a wicked slanderer, a greedy con man over all else, and that doesn't end there. Donald Trump because Christians worship his wealth. Christians equate wealth with abilities while wealth is more often associated with inheritance, deceit and cruelty. Christians overlook conscience, moral and compassion, the very essence of what being a Christian is about.

Now that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are out of the picture, these self proclaimed Christians continue to defend Donald Trump's lies. They continue to defend Donald Trump's atrocities. Whomever Donald Trump insult, they insult. Be it foreign leaders, be it allies that go back to world war 2, be it friends who came to our assistance when we were in need, These Trump followers are relentless. These Trump followers are vicious. These Trump followers are heartless and soulless. They insult our allies while they're being attacked, while they're grieving. They applaud Donald Trump while he goes on embarrassing our nation and alienating our allies. They support Donald Trump while he goes on appeasing our enemies and dictators around the world. They join Donald Trump lying, slandering, and insulting whomever Donald Trump disagree with. They are despicable. They're deplorable. They're wicked. Ultimately they've picked Donald Trump over Jesus Christ.

2000 years ago, Jews chose to free murderer Barabbas and nail Jesus Christ on the cross. Today, most American Christians choose to worship Donald Trump and nail Jesus Christ to the cross again. Christians must admit that something is wrong with our churches. Our churches have turned out herds and flocks of evildoers. If we can't recognize and acknowledge it, it'll be the end of the time of churches.