Ridicule Sightings - They Say It's God's Will

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They Say It's God's Will

10th November, 2016

So many Christians say that Trump is God's choice to save America. I don't reckon that God would achieve his goal through lying, bullying, slandering, destroying every good man in the path and then brag about it. Say what you may, but please leave God out of it. It's really insulting and infuriating. You chose Trump. Own it.

In 2016, an idol came to America. His name was Donald J. Trump. Written all over his body was abomination. He said he alone could save us. He promised us prosperity. He humiliated the vulnerable people. He lied and slandered every good man who disagreed with him. Many Christians flocked to his rallies. They filled arenas and stadiums. They echoed the idol’s lies and slanders. They chanted derogatory slogans. The idol promised them wealth and supremacy. Most importantly, he filled them with hate and empowered them to be relentless. He told them it’s OK to slander their opponents and spread lies as long as it’s done to worship the idol. He told them perversion is fine and the Christians repeated that after him.

The Christians were overjoyed. The idol gave them hope. They chanted angrily in the rallies. They prayed emphatically in private and in public to God for the idol to be their king. They formed praying armies. They congratulated each other for making the right choice. They tirelessly spread all the false messages pronounced by the idol. They defended the idol when he stumbled. They applauded the idol when he didn’t embarrass himself.

In the end, these Christians elected the idol to rule over them. They didn't need anyone's help, much less God's, as they accounted for the buld of the Trump vote. I get that they’re angry because the economy has transformed with the world away from their familiar industrial jobs, but Christians should know that there’re boundaries that we can’t cross. To them, all boundaries have been eliminated because it’s been approved by the idol. They thank God for answering their prayer. Now they ask God to cover the abomination on the idol’s body so as to make him look more presentable. They ask God to give the idol power to save us.

Many Christians relate the idol to people in the bible. They say God can humble this idol the way he did Nebuchadnezzar in order to save the people of Israel. I don’t doubt that God can do anything in any way he wants. He can also use this idol the way he used the godless kings of Israel to lead them astray. Moreover, the people of Israel didn’t ask for Nebuchadnezzar. God made that happen. On the other hand, Americans, and specifically Christians, passionately asked for this proud adulterer and slanderer to be their leader. That’s quite a difference there.

I’ll remember 2016 as a year when Christians choose an idol over God and claim that it’s God’s will.

It’ll be interesting being a Christian in America. On your left, there’re gay Christians. Further left, there’re Joel Osteen Christians, and as if it’s not confusing enough, to the left of them, you’ll find the Trump Christians going loud and strong. Who’d have thought that the same book could be picked apart for so many contradicting purposes? Is that called purpose driven doctrine?

Reality check:

Will everyone who reads this be offended? Yes, just about.
Will they ridicule me? Yes, very likely.
So, what have I accomplished again? As usual, nothing.