Ridicule Sightings - What Doesn't Kill You

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Ridicule Sightings – What Doesn’t Kill You
By Kwokman
Date: 1st January, 2010
Two days ago, I was with my family in a resort in upstate New York. We were having fun until my little nephew fell while skiing. When he fell, the boot didn’t pop from the ski. As a result he twisted his lower leg and the two bones inside ended up with spiral fractures. In severe pain, we brought him to the hospital and had him stabilized. Back home now and we’ll be back to the emergency room for casting. He is only ten years old. I pray to God that he would heal well and quickly. While in the hospital two days ago, two nurses told my nephew that they too had broken their legs skiing and they never skied again. The owner of the resort had also broken his leg skiing when he was ten years old but he overcame and became a skiing instructor. Did it make him stronger? He might be stronger than the two nurses at the hospital in nature but I am not sure if hurting would ever make a stronger person.
For all I know, even if a wound eventually healed, every time the same place got hurt again, it’d just be more difficult to heal. Healing often just brings back parts of the whole. You permanently lose a piece of it every time a part of you is hurt until something is deemed irrecoverable. That is more noticeable in the hardest parts of your body, like bones. Even after recovery, you’d better not break the same place again. Moreover, as you age, you bones would remind you of the injuries and healed wounds whenever the weather changes for the worse.
The softer parts of your body seem to recover better. You probably don’t see all those minor scratches from your childhood on your skin any more. However, deep cuts and repeated damage to the same area eventually would leave a scar. Scars do not make you stronger. They just make you numb and less prone to pain. Scars hinder flexibility and do make your body tissues less functional. I know that because I’m a frequent blood donor. If you ever gave blood, you’d notice that the nurse would try to locate a strong vein on your arm in order to draw blood. I had a strong vein on my left arm. However, after it’d been punctured repeatedly, it is not as strong as before. It takes longer and longer to draw blood from this same vein because it has become inflexible and doesn’t open up as easily as before. Diabetic patients need to inject insulin into their veins every day. They have needle scars at different places of their arms because you simply cannot hurt the same places repeatedly without extended damages.
I doubt that hurting would ever make anyone stronger. It could however make you wiser if you were willing. The scars in your body serve as a reminder to avoid being hurt. It reminds you that you are very tiny and helpless. It reminds you that your strength doesn't matter. It reminds you that your wisdom doesn't matter either. At microscopic level, every time you recover from sicknesses caused by viruses, you body develops antibodies. You body will be more prepared to fight back when the same viruses enter your body again. Through pains and sufferings, one learns to help oneself even though it's not enough, and hopefully to not hurt others the same way that one is hurt either intentionally or negligently.