Kwokmanation - LV

  1. 孫子兵法
  2. 三十六計
  3. 生與史
  4. 潮歌志詞
  5. 志地廣場
  6. 從頭說起
  7. 紐約民航

  1. 外語堂
  2. 是但劇場
  3. 懷舊廣告
  4. 民事訴頌
  5. 民訴記
  6. Ridicule Sightings
  7. 字錯能改
  8. 字作業

  1. 攝影
  2. 影評
  3. 繪畫
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民訴記(167) - 炸瓜你 (0 comment)
...but Muslims have some responsibility themselves. If they don't want to be identified as violent people, they must eradicate violence from their belief...

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民訴記(160) - 哈利波特 (0 comment)
...If you really love someone, you don't necessarily want to possess her or him. You would want what's best for her or him. People these days only think about themselves. Pathetic!

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攝影 - JGospel六周年聚餐 (0 comment)
...昨晚聚餐﹐我們設有不同的攤位﹐有Jade Fang設計首飾義賣﹐有很多人捧場﹐有免費送出Silvana詩歌CD和其他贈品。最受歡迎的當然是「摩西歷險記」三合一禮合($34.99)﹐包括AppStore下載﹑精美畫冊和研讀指引。除了SPQR豐富而美味的意大利食品之外﹐更有百老會演員Fiona為我們獻唱多首詩歌。

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民訴記(129) - 言論惡霸 (0 comment)
...In the name of tolerance and acceptance, these gay activists show their true selves, nothing more than bigots. They can’t even tolerate someone’s honest opinion.

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是但劇場 (十五) - 傻人手袋 (2 comments)
...What I say all the time. It’s always easier to make money off idiots than smart consumers.

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Ridicule Sightings - Rebellious and Outstanding (1 comment)
...You can decide for yourselves what clothes to wear, what bags to carry, what phones to use and what cars to drive. How cool is it when it’s your own decision,...

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民訴記(59) - 天堂地獄 (0 comment)
...if Qaddafi died and God let him enter heaven, would anyone protest because “Salvation is found in no one else”?...

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民訴記(66) - 地產毒咒 (0 comment)
...Maximum wage might’ve me more effective. If the upper class stop paying themselves more and more, there will probably be enough for the rest of the people.

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民訴記(94) - 參孫的情歌 (2 comments)
...Shrewd politicians like King David and Liu Bang are far more abominable. Heroism is costly. The honorable often gets pulverized...

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民訴記(106) - 冇得救 (0 comment)
...China was then humiliated in the Opium War. Today the Americans, not foreigners, are fighting to legalize marijuana. They're bringing this curse on themselves...

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