Kwokmanation - hard

  1. 孫子兵法
  2. 三十六計
  3. 生與史
  4. 潮歌志詞
  5. 志地廣場
  6. 從頭說起
  7. 紐約民航

  1. 外語堂
  2. 是但劇場
  3. 懷舊廣告
  4. 民事訴頌
  5. 民訴記
  6. Ridicule Sightings
  7. 字錯能改
  8. 字作業

  1. 攝影
  2. 影評
  3. 繪畫
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字作業 - Hard (0 comment)
常常用來向別人開玩笑的: “Are you working hard or hardly working?”

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民訴記(140) - 人妖大晒 (0 comment)
..There'll be a live version with Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga, etc. in their prisons...

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Ridicule Sightings - The Bible Can’t Be Serious (0 comment)
...There are indeed events in the bible that are particular to the situation and period of time. If you can’t make anything out of it yet, study harder with an open mind. Don’t just dismiss it...

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攝影 - Deteriorating Subway Station in Brooklyn (0 comment)
Looking at these pictures, it’s hard to believe it’s the United States of America, much less New York City...

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