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  1. 楊家24式太極課程
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黃子華 - 越大鑊越快樂 (1 comment)
現在牧師講道可以棟篤笑﹐棟篤笑又往往好似說教。黃子華的棟篤笑一向都很有教育意義﹐這一次簡直與牧師講道無異﹐當然好笑得多﹐明星魅力也不是一般牧師可以匹敵的﹐不竟黃子華幾年才講一堂道﹐內容更豐富都是合理的。 (BB的學名=大肚劇痛家嘈屋閉拉屎拉尿供書教學無風無浪起碼駛你400萬仲係一定唔還錢!)

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來自台灣花蓮阿美族的稻穗香皂 (0 comment)
白娜手作香皂 BANAI -- 來美美麗稻穗的手作香皂 (Hand made soap)

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aroma THERAPY (0 comment)
Give your home some love with a new signature fragrance.

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Fresh Pick Cauliflower (0 comment)
Mystified by this cruciferous character? Here's the info you need to go floret.

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Which bulbs should I use? (0 comment)
By this point, you no doubt know that Cl'Ls (compact fluorescent light bulbs) last about six times longer than.incandescents and use 75 percent less energy

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How high/low/big/small should lights be? (0 comment)
how high/low/big/small should lights be?

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What kind of lighting does each room need? (0 comment)
You should have a mix of light sources at different levels to create a flattering ambient,

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Should I put my computer to sleep or shut it down when I'm finished using it? (0 comment)
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, running a computer at night is akin to leaving on about 10 lightbulbs.

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5 New Uses for Milk (0 comment)
If you dribble some red on a shirt or a dress, submerge the soiled part in whole milk, squeeze out the excess immediately, then launder as usual.

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What is one lesson you learned in school that you'll never forget? (0 comment)
The major battles of the Civil War and the elements in the periodic table may be distant memories, but your time spent as a student continues to enrich your life in countless ways.

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