A letter to Glory's parents

(Family Community : Story of Glory Hom)
Glory's Memorial Service, Glory's Funeral Service,
Dear Pastor Hom & Hom C Mo,

In the quiet of our heart, we grieve deeply with you. Thanks you for sharing your faith journey with us. Thanks you for being transparent and wrestling so publicly with Glory’s battle. We saw Lord in it all.

Certainly it is sad news and a sad day for us to hear the lost. This is also the most gloriest day for Glory. We were keeping track and learning Glory’s situation everyday and pray to God for another miracle happen on this little brave girl who had been fought her battle from cancer for over 7 or 8 years. Many touching testimonies touch everyone’s heart. The ache of our hearts shouldn’t been the last thing to remember Glory. Look at her pictures and read her stories, it is not hard to find that she was a brave and joyful child of God. She has gone through what a normal person wouldn’t go through 2, 3 live times. But she remains faithful and through her live we see God. Through Hom’s family testimony we see God is faithful.

As a parent, our heart is wrenching and it is not difficult to imagine the sword running through our heart when we read the story. It reminded me Jesus went through the pain just to know and understand what we, human, went through. He has all the glory from the heaven. He came because of love. He bridges us once again to the road of heaven. He leads us to eternal resting place that all of us will meet up once again. This hope is not an empty promise as our Lord is the faithful one. Through Glory, we once again ponder our focus in live……love our parents, lover our neighbors, especially the one still lost from this world. Time seems forever when we are young. But to well spend this life time, we shall spend it with God.

Yes, it is a sad day all o us, however, today is the most gloriest day for Glory. Now knowing Glory is resting in the arms of the Lord, a place where there is no more tears and suffering, we should have a relief for her and Hom’s family.

May Lord comfort Pastor Hom and C-Mo and strengthen you both and we know we will see her in another side of the rainbow one day to rejoice the glory.

We love you and pray for you.
Love in Christ
September 21, 2007
(The Date in Glory’s Memorial Service)