Feedback to Glory's funeral Services poem

(Family Community : Story of Glory Hom)
Glory's memorial service, Glory's funeral service, 文筠的追思禮拜,
My dear Glory,
Free, indeed you are. But in a way, you are trapped in my heart where you'll stay forever.
I'm recalling the only time you and I had together alone all these years. It was brief, lasted about two hours, in the first year you arrived in the US with your parents from Hong Kong and you were only five years old then. I was driving you back to your parents in north New Jersey after you spent a weekend with grandparents in south New Jersey. I was trying to take a shortcut so you can rejoin your parents sooner but instead I was lost. I remember during the whole journey you were so quiet and I think you sensed that I must have lost my way when I stopped the car and searched the map. But you didn't say anything. You took out a small bag of cookies and started eating slowly. The scene is still in my mind so vividly and I'd treasure that moment forever. Your life had been a short one but proven to be shiny and powerful. The fact that a gentle life such as yours can generate so much influential power over people around you is unfathomable.
Farewell Glory, you are now overthere but also here - in my heart forever.
Uncle Richard