In Memory of Glory Hom

(Family Community : Story of Glory Hom)
Glory's Memorial Service, 文筠的追思禮拜,
In Memory of Glory Hom
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Forget me not,

I was the child that entered my parents’ lives.

I brought them joys, I brought them tears,

As they lavished on me their labor of love all through the years.

Forget them I do not, for the gift of life they brought me to Christ.

What more precious gift can a parent give to a child, than to help her see the Glory of Christ.

Forget me not,

I was the little girl that played at Jesus’ feet.

He lifted me up, told me how much He loves me.

He bound my wounds, mended my broken heart, and told me, “I feel every pain you feel.”

“Take encourage, my child”, He said, “for in you and through you, the Father’ Glory is revealed.”

Forget me not,

I was the sister that hobbled across your path.

Together we laughed, we cried, as we shared life’s ups and down along the pilgrim path.

And now, my Heavenly Father has called me home.

I will not forget you, all of you, mom and dad, brothers and sisters.

I will wait for you. Jesus has prepared a heavenly place for you.

When the music fades, when all earthly things are stripped away, you will join me in the presence of the Holy Father.

We will rejoice. We will sing praises. For we will bask in His glory forever and ever and ever.

In His Love,

Chuck Yuen

Elder of Oversea Chinese Mission Church