Story of Glory Hom - 文筠的追思禮拜

Glory's Story
  1. Father's words
  2. Glory's Diary
  3. Glory's Memorial Service
  4. Glory's Funeral Service

Glory's Treament
  1. August Treatment
  2. June Treatment
  3. July Treatment
  4. September treatment
  5. Transplant Treatment

  1. 文筠的日記
  2. 父親的回憶
  3. 文筠的追思禮拜
  4. 長春藤的少女
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Sarah Chang 的見證並為文筠的演奏 (1 comment)
中學及大學的同學好友Sarah Chang 的見證並為文筠的演奏

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Wellesley Memorial Service (0 comment)
Thank you for sharing Glory with us, that she has taught me so deeply what the words of these verses mean. Our Lord Jesus knows what He is doing. I pray I may not be unfaithful to her memory.

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In Memory of Glory Hom (0 comment)
Forget me not,I was the child that entered my parents’ lives. I brought them joys, I brought them tears,

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Slide Show for Glory Hom's Memorial Service (0 comment)
700 attendants in the memorial service

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Feedback to Glory's funeral Services poem (0 comment)
Free, indeed you are. But in a way, you are trapped in my heart where you'll stay forever.

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A Letter from Wellesley College to Glory (0 comment)
The Letter was collected some professors, staffs and students comments for Glory Hom:

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親愛的文筠 Glory Alice 姑姐的見證 (0 comment)
Glory 的家人對她的懷念點滴, 一些細微的事看一個人的內心.

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Glory's Memorial and Funeral Service (3 comments)
Our Lovely daughter Glory went back to our Heavenly Father peacefully on September 18 at 4:55 a.m.

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