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  1. 文筠的日記
  2. 父親的回憶
  3. 文筠的追思禮拜
  4. 長春藤的少女
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從八年前的911救災有功奬說起 (2 comments)
將生命為別人傾倒所換來的喜樂原來是如此深刻, 深信當人所有參與付出過救災送食物的人, 都會一生無憾.

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Glory 你出生的那天 (3 comments)
你是從她身體出來, 你最後伏在她懷中, 正好代表我們從那裏來, 最後也是要回去那裏, 爸媽在你身上的夢想你無法達成, 你心中的夢想又有誰去延續呢?

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文筠一生故事的綜合 (5 comments)
文筠故事的啟發, 對生命的熱愛, 對友情親情的重視, 對信仰關係的執著....

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Glory 你離開我們一年了 (4 comments)
我知道時間對你已經沒有多大意義, 形體不再受空間限制, 你也不再需要柺杖走路了, 走這條人生路, 你一下子就這麼走完, 或者可以說你中途就下了車; 真叫我們大失預算, 當然我們也明白你早機去, 我們也會晚機返, 天堂再聚, 但Daddy Mammy 還有很多很多愛你的人仍是捨不得。

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Glory, You are 23. (3 comments)
Glory do you know Mom and Dad have a new dream together? We wonder who would get to see you first in heaven? And, while on earth, we pursue to seek a new dream for our second half.

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Glory 你今年廿三歲了 (0 comment)
今年因你已離去, 我們要過第一個沒有女兒的父親節, 第一次沒有女兒祝福的母親生日和你廿三歲生日的大日子。結果你仍是派了代表來與我們興祝。

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Today is Glory's 23 years old birthday (6 comments)
June 23, 2008 Today is Glory's 23yr old birthday, no phone call, no dinner, no birthday cake, but I had a letter and an email from Wellesley College

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The First Easter After the Passing of Glory (1 comment)
I do not consider my daughter Glory as ‘dead’. According to the Bible, she ‘has slept’. She has been swallowed into time eternity.

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Journal Aug.13, 2003 (0 comment)
I’m scared, Firday night, I found two small hodes in my groin area. I don’t know what to think. Worry fills my heart instantly

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Journal June 8, 2003 (0 comment)
May 29, 2003 was our prom. I had a really great time. My “date” was Karishma

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Journal November 4, 2002 (0 comment)
Hehe …. Victory! I talked back to Dr. Meyers this morning. Move in a playful way. I was just too cranky this morning with the constipation & traffic,

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Journal Oct. 3, 2002 (0 comment)
Three years later, I was diagnosed with cancer again. (April 1, 2002) I was pretty upset, but I took the news calmly (compared to the first time)

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Journal Sept., 13, 2002 (0 comment)
Today was going to be my first whole day at school, and it would be at lest 3 weeks before I set foot in school again.

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Journey August 1,2002 (0 comment)
I feel crappy! Dad & I fought this morning….it was really stupid anyway….I didn’t want to eat oatmeal for breakfast

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Journal July 6,2002 (0 comment)
I hate say it, but life sucks! I guess everyone will in their stage in their life (well at least once in their life time) but why do I have to go through it twice.

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