Story of Glory Hom

Glory's Story
  1. Father's words
  2. Glory's Diary
  3. Glory's Memorial Service
  4. Glory's Funeral Service

Glory's Treament
  1. August Treatment
  2. June Treatment
  3. July Treatment
  4. September treatment
  5. Transplant Treatment

  1. 文筠的日記
  2. 父親的回憶
  3. 文筠的追思禮拜
  4. 長春藤的少女
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Glory, the day you were born (4 comments)
Glory, I was not by your side at the moment of your birth. It’s a pity I was not there to experience that beautiful sight of your struggling to enter this world…

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A Song “ My precious….” (0 comment)
After the Lord took Glory, daily routine sets in, back to normal. Just about when I am used to the daily schedule, all of a sudden, I realized this is only the beginning of an emotional overflow....

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一曲心肝寶貝 (0 comment)
文筠被主接返天家以後某天, 當現實生活回歸正常, 日出而作日入而息的規律從新運轉時, 突然發覺心靈創傷的潰爛才崗開始......

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一個連醫生都與病人痛哭的消息 - 文筠你的血癌復發了 (42 comments)
文筠於六月八日發現血癌復發,她如何與家人一同面對她這麼接近的死亡 父親譚牧師的心路歷程又如何呢?

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2nd Day in ICU The time she gone (0 comment)
The doctor said, " Glory's blood pressure is dropping, her heart will stop any time..."

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What Else Have I Not Taken Care Of? (7 comments)
hat Saturday morning, Glory was acting a little different. She knew it was time for her departure.

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Be a Good Actor... (0 comment)
Glory did have a chance to be on stage in a musical performance as she had so wished. This was also her last. It was a college Asian evangelical outreach.

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我還有甚麼未做呢? (2 comments)
她離世前兩天, 她知道要去了, 她一直在想, 她重複問我兩次, 她還有甚麼未做呢?

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人生舞台上的最後一幕 (0 comment)
人生舞台上的最後一幕-作過主角的人不會甘心樂意作配角, 因為怕在主角背後無人記念, 無人賞識; 一直作配角的人也不會體會作主角的孤單、無奈。

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My Cancer Relapse (0 comment)
“Sorry Glory, it’s hard to believe your blood cancer would return after 2 years. The bone marrow report confirmed that your bone marrow is 80% taken over by cancer cells.”

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文筠你帶走的實在很多 (2 comments)
誰說死不能帶走東西? 文筠你這樣走就帶走了很多東西: 你帶走了我們父母多年來為你付出的心血 你也帶走了我們在你身上多年來的愛顧與盼望 你帶走了我們一家歡喜快樂憂困共負的時刻 你也帶走了很多人對你的愛與禱告關心

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Her Time has come (0 comment)
The day of her departure, she actually felt good. She said, " Daddy, when I leave, you and Mom must read my diary,

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我的時候到了 (0 comment)
文筠寫下的日記不多, 她離世的那天, 精神還很好, 她說: Daddy 我那日記, 我去了以後你與媽都看啊! 因內中寫下了很多我痛苦的掙扎,

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The funeral arrangement of Glory (1 comment)
Our hugs and tears stemmed from our love for her. A person’s most memorable success in life is nothing other than Love

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JUn. 8, 2007 Glory's Diary -- Last chapter (0 comment)
I’m surprised that I even woke up so early considering that I went to bed last night crying my eyes out – ended up with a horrible headache. Can I wake up from this dream?

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