Ginny Owens - Simply Love You

(Family Faith : Hymns )
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Ginny Owens - Simply Love You
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Seems that life's become so complicated
I don't think it was meant to be this way
I find myself so distracted
Caught up in the chaos of each day

When did I stop asking for your wisdom?
As if your words were meant for someone else
Why do I choose to second-guess you?
Oh I only frustrate and confuse myself

I just wanna love you, Simply love you
The way it used to be
When your love was new to me
I just wanna love you, simply love you
To hear what you say and live every day
Like you asked me to
I just wanna simply love you

Many times you spoke of us as children
Childhood seems to me so long ago
You say i can trust you like I did then
If I give you my hand then you'll lead me home

(Chorus) fall on my knees
With the fresh disbelief
Stirred once again with the story
of how you loved me