Scripture Lullabies - Still Small Voice

(Family Faith : Hymns )
Scripture Lullabies, Hidden In My Heart Vol.2: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture Album, BreakAway Music, Praise Songs,
Scripture Lullabies - Still Small Voice
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You are my, my everything
Bruised and broken
I need you, sweet serenade
You see our pain and you feel it

Hands tightly clenched on a wall of remembrance
As your life slowly hangs by a thread
Now every choice bares its consequences
Baring truth to every lie you’ve ever made

I stand before you helpless
You see my faith put to flight
Can you hear me?

Step to the edge of your final warning
Loving the filth yet afraid of the fall
One day I believe you’ll be stronger
Living free as a constant reminder

Know in your heart that you’re living a lie
Playing the part watching your life pass by