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God Loves You (0 comment)
God’s plan was to redeem mankind from sin through the sacrificial life and death of His only Son, Jesus.

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Fly Away - Carter Conlon (0 comment)
July 6, 2008 - We are born with a sin condition. Sin makes us what we are without God. Sin causes us to do the things that we don’t want to do because we are powerless to change.

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Put My Theology on the Beach - Carter Conlon (0 comment)
May 25, 2008 - The judgment of God is a terror so dark the human mind cannot comprehend it.

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Help, I'm Stuck - Carter Conlon (0 comment)
When we violate the laws of God sin will become a weight so heavy that we will find ourselves stuck on the ground. There is something in the heart of God that yearns for you

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以時相聚 - 嘉賓: 鄭秀文 (0 comment)

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What if it's true? (0 comment)
A series about the "biggies" of the bible and how they should impact our lives if we really take them seriously. Journey Community Church.

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The Names of JESUS (0 comment)
The Names of JESUS--Messiah,

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A Man Fell in a Hole - Bluefish TV (0 comment)
A Man Fell in a Hole - Bluefish TV

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復活節短片 (0 comment)
復活節短片 --耶穌基督的被釘與復活帶來我們人類的盼望.....

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上帝的羔羊 (0 comment)

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Easter -- Jesus Christ (0 comment)
The meaning of Easter--is the suffering of Jesus Christ.

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幔子 The Veil (2 comments)
會幕的幔子裂為兩半 – 復活節的故事

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The First Christmas 第一個聖誕 (0 comment)
The First Christmas 第一個聖誕, 基督耶穌的誕生, 一個兩千年來都被傳頌的故事,

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Don't Waste Your Life: A Wasted Life (1 comment)
Don't Waste Your Life: A Wasted Life

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