String Quartet Tribute - Pressing On

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String Quartet Tribute to Relient K Album, Hymns, violin Music,
String Quartet Tribute - Pressing On
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Relient K drove Christian rock into the fast lane with their pop-punk hooks and teasing teenage attitude. Leader Matt Theissen's songs mix youthful, stand-up-and-be-counted defiance, with a knowing, lyrical maturity that puts the accent on faith. Smart-guy vocals snarl over a surge of guitar power, propelled by a rhythm section that knows when to hit the gas, and when to coast with the melody. Hot-wired to the heart and soul, Relient K is a free-spirited foursome of true believers. 

The String Quartet Tribute to Relient K turns rousing teenage confession into energetic chamber punk. Inspired by Relient's buoyant pop hooks and rockin' spiritual vibe, violin and viola let loose on the school's out exuberance of "Sadie Hawkins Dance", while soulful cello brings it down to the emotional basics on "Getting In to You". Relient K set to strings - theme songs that celebrate the power of faith... and the freedom of rock.